Bán dẫn thông số kỹ thuật


PartNoNhà sản xuấtMô tả
AT89C51IC2Atmel AT89C51IC2 80C51 8-bit microcontrollers featuring bytes Flash code memory two-wire interface (TWI).
U2861BAtmel Mono Sound Demodulator Systems
AT89C51SND1CATMEL Single-Chip Microcontroller with Decoder Man-Machine Interface
U4790BAtmel Automotive Lamp-Outage Monitor, VZ(3,5)
U3900BMAtmel Programmable Telephone Audio Processor
U6207BAtmel with Tuner
T5743NAtmel ASK/FSK Receiver
ATMEGA8L-8ATMEL 8-Kbyte Self-programming Flash Program Memory, 1-Kbyte SRAM, Byte EePROM, Channel 10-bit A/D-converter. Mips Throughput Mhz.
TDA1083Atmel Chip AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier
E5530Atmel 128-Bit Read-Only IDIC Identification
TK5530Atmel Read-Only Transponder
AT24C16AN-ATMEL 2-Wire Serial EEPROM
AT86RF401Atmel Smart Wireless Data Transmitter
E5550Atmel Standard Read/ Write Identification
AT89C5132Atmel C51-based Microcontroller with Bytes Flash
AT90S2313-ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with Bytes In-System Programmable Flash
T87C5101Atmel 8-bit count Microcontrollers, 0-66
AT49F8192ATMEL 8-Megabit 512K 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory
AT91RM9200ATMEL ARM920T??- based Microcontroller
AT49F002T-ATMEL 2-Megabit 256K 5-volt Only Flash Memory
AT945ATMEL Secure Gates AT40K FPGA with 8-bit Microcontroller,up Kbytes SRAM On-chip Program Storage EEPROM
HM65756Atmel High Speed CMOS SRAM
TDA4470Atmel Multistandard Video-IF Quasi Parallel Sound Processing
U3666MAtmel Baseband Delay Line (Improved Version U3665M)
AT89C51SNDATMEL Single-Chip Flash Microcontroller with Decoder Guman Interface
U6239BAtmel Tuner with UNi-Bus
TSC87C52Atmel CMOS Programmable 8??bit Microcontroller
TSC87C52TOOLSAtmel TSC87C51/C52 Development Tools line card
ATA6661atmel Stand-alone Transceiver
U4092BAtmel Monolithic Integrated Feature Phone Circuit
TSC87C51Atmel CMOS Programmable 8??bit Microcontroller
TSC87C51TOOLSAtmel TSC87C51/C52 Development Tools line card
AT29C256-9ATMEL 256K 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory
AT89S5132Atmel C51-based Microcontroller with Bytes Flash
ATMEGA32L-ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with Bytes In-System Programmable Flash
AT83EB5114ATMEL Dedicated lighting control applications, AT83EB5114 retains features standard
ATC35ATMEL comprehensive library 0.35-micron standard logic cells designed operate with supply voltage 3.3V 0.3V
AT49BV6416ATMEL 64-megabit Page Mode 2.7-volt Flash Memory
U6809BAtmel Fail-Safe with Relay Driver Lamp Driver
ATTINY12L-ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with Byte Flash
ATTINY26-1ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with Bytes Flash
ATTINY11L-ATMEL 8-bit Microcontroller with Byte Flash
TS87C51U2Atmel Double UART 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller, 0-60
TS80C51U2Atmel Double UART 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller, 0-60
E5551Atmel Standard Identification with Anticollision
ATMEGA1280ATMEL 128-Kbyte self-programming Flash Program Memory, 8-Kbyte SRAM, 4-KByte EEPROM, Channel 10-bit
AT89C5131atmel 8-bit Flash Microcontroller with Full Speed Device
T2803Atmel WDECT/ISM Single-chip Transceiver
HM65728BAtmel High Speed CMOS SRAM
AT80F51Atmel 8-Bit Microcontroller with Bytes
T4227Atmel Time-Code Receiver
TSS463Atmel Vehicle Area Network Data Link Controller with Serial Interface
AT91X40ATMEL AT91 Thumb Microcontrollers
AT28C64XAtmel CMOS
AT28C64BAtmel CMOS
TST0922Atmel SiGe-Power Amplifier (Flipchip Version)
M44C890-HAtmel Low-Current Microcontroller Wireless Communication
M44C890Atmel Low-Current Microcontroller Wireless Communication
ATSAM2193ATMEL Sound Synthesis
AT93C46-10ATMEL 3-Wire Serial EEPROMs
ATA5830Atmel Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver
U3760MB-NAtmel Low-Voltage Standard Telephone Circuit
U7001BGAtmel Front
U6801BAtmel Single-Channel Driver with Thermal Monitoring
M67202AAtmel CMOS Parallel FIFO
T5551Atmel Micromodule
T7024Atmel Front
AT90RF135602NBSPAtmel Smart Card Reader
90S232390S2343atmel 90S2323/90S2343
AT90S2323Atmel 8-Bit Microcontroller with Bytes Downloadable FLASH
AT25040Atmel Serial CMOS
U9280M-HAtmel Microcontroller with Transponder Interface
TS80C54X2Atmel 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller 0-60
AT90SC3232CSAtmel Secure smart cards
ATMEGA8-16ATMEL Microcontroller with Bytes System Programmable Flash???
U4082BAtmel Low-Voltage Voice-Switched Hands-Free Operation
AT91FR4016ATMEL AT91 Thumb Microcontrollers
MEGA8538MEGA8535Latmel mega8538/mega8535L
AT73C202Atmel Power Battery Management Standard Product
T0800Atmel 5-Channnel Laser Driver with Oscillator Outputs
AT89S8253-ATMEL In-System Programmable Microcontroller with bytes Flash bytes EEPROM
AT89S8253ATMEL In-System Programmable Microcontroller with bytes Flash bytes EEPROM
MEGA48MEGA88MEGA168atmel mega48/mega88/mega168
U2730BAtmel L-Band Down-Converter Receivers
M672061EAtmel CMOS With Programmable Half Full Flag Parallel FIFO Tolerant
M67206EAtmel High Speed CMOS Parallel FIFO Tolerant
M67025EAtmel CMOS Dual Port Tolerant
M67025Atmel CMOS Dual Port
T83C5101Atmel 8-bit count Microcontrollers, 0-66
AT28LV010Atmel Megabit (128K Voltage Paged CMOS
AT49LH00B4ATMEL 4-megabit Boot, Bottom Partitioned Firmware Low-Pin Count Flash Memory
PC7447Aatmel 32-bit RISC Microprocessor, 1300

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